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Executive Channel Holdings (ECH) and its associated companies are committed to operating in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy outlines our commitment to minimizing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and maintaining high governance standards.

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We are committed to reducing our Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions by 85% by 2030


Since 2021, we have worked with Climate Partner to understand the environmental impact of our operations. Since then, we have measured and offset and now actively aim to reduce our emissions. Whilst the emissions of our digital out of home (DOOH) networks are low, we have still taken action to limit the impact of our business on behalf of our stakeholders, partners and the community.

We provide staff with a diverse & inclusive work environment and support communities to enhance their wellbeing.

In today’s interconnected global landscape, we recognize the profound impact of a diverse workforce on innovation, creativity, and overall success. Our companies span nations speaking three different languages from a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds. We place psychological safety at the heart of our organizational ethos because we believe it improves collaboration, creativity and wellbeing.

We participate in diversity and inclusion bodies includes MEFA Matters, and all staff must complete an occupational health and safety exam at least once per year.

We are committed to transparency in our operations, providing stakeholders with accurate and timely information.

Summary of our ESG achievements and future actions:


All ECH offices switching to at least 75% renewable energy by 2024


The carbon emissions of our digital out of home networks (DOOH) - ECN, Media i and Media Eye have been 100% offset


Every advertising campaign has its carbon footprint estimated and offset by ECN


ECH has supported environmental and community partners with over £1.0 million in support since 2018

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