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ECN adds value to front of house customer experience. Our managed content network keeps your building community engaged with the latest news, weather, travel, and building communication.


total building content uploads in 2023

Connect your office building

Keep your building community informed

We help our property partners to enhance their customer experience through the provision of a turn-key solution which includes all hardware and software. 


Premium office buildings are running ECN digital content in the UK and major European cities.


ECN Studio creates & schedules your content, saving you time and money. We also offer a full suite of seasonal & special event content.

“It is like having my very own designer”


Your building will be connected to our live news, weather, travel and your own building content.

100% say the content looks professional


say it's easier to communicate


of building managers are unhappy with their current occupier communication approach


say relying on occupier representatives to send on important emails to their staff is their biggest challenge when trying to communicate to the entire building population

Bespoke design solutions

Every office foyer is unique which is why the display solution integrates seamlessly into your existing foyer environment.

We offer a full consultation service on display style & size, colour, size and location.