“We spend 50% of waking hours at work” explains Mr Gunnar Ritzmann, ECN’s Head of Sales, Germany.  In an age where most purchases are simply one click away, it is no surprise the workplace has become the centre of the consumer journey, according to Mr Ritzmann.  In fact, research conducted by ECN among 1,500 European office workers found that over 90% of workers make consumer purchases online during work hours. “ECN reaches an affluent and tech savvy audience during their working day, and at a time when traditional media has virtually no reach capability” says Mr Ritzmann.

Whilst many OOH advertisers focus on the key commuting hours, Mr Ritzmann offers a refreshing perspective arguing its “irrelevant how consumers get to work…because they all end up at their place of work – whether you drive, or catch the train/bus or ride your bike, ECN reaches commuters all day”.

The article, published in leading German trade advertising magazine Horizont, also explored the growing programmatic advertising trend in the digital out of home (DOOH) industry.  Mr Daniel Wunsch, ECN’s International Networks Director, explained that ECN had made a strategic decision to standardise its network across Europe to make it easy for German and global brands to trade programmatically.  “Not only do we offer exactly the same technical specifications, each of our 500+ locations are HTML5 compatible, meaning that integration with new digital trading desks is frictionless” commented Mr Wunsch.

Mr Wunsch cites the example of foodora, which ran the first DOOH programmatic campaign in Germany on ECN in the Spring of 2018.  “The foodora campaign completely redefined how DOOH campaigns were traded in Germany, using real-time triggers such as weather and time in combination with geo-location smartphone targeting to determine which ECN workplace locations served the ads” said Mr Wunsch.       

Importantly, programmatic has opened completely new markets for ECN according to Mr Wunsch, with ECN successfully selling campaigns to advertisers located in North America and Eastern Europe.  Programmatic enables ECN to sell campaigns into markets which have no sales team physically present in the market, making ECN’s European workplace network a truly global offering.

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