ECN, Europe’s workplace communication leader, today announced it had connected the 175th office location to its digital platform in Germany.

Unprecedented demand from German asset partners resulted in ECN’s footprint expanding by 61% in 2019.  More building managers in Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart are wanting to engage their tenants and visitors with relevant information about their assets and are benefiting from the workplace-specific ECN infotainment mix.

The latest additions to the ECN network include:

  • Main Triangle in Frankfurt
  • Sternhöhe/Daimler-Campus in Stuttgart
  • Forum at the Hirschgarten in Munich

“The reason we have experienced such high demand for our product is because asset owners understand the need to communicate in real time with their tenants, explains Christian Praulich, Director Real Estate at ECN Germany.  In 2019, ECN created over 1,600 pieces of digital content on behalf of our German asset partners, ranging from sustainability, safety and seasonal messaging.  This demonstrates the strong appetite our partners have for our product and the benefits it delivers to the property”, commented Mr Praulich. 

For asset owners/managers, ECN’s dynamically managed content solution does not require any continuous investment or on-going cost.

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