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Hivestack, the global leader in programmatic digital out-of-home advertising, today announced that it has partnered with Executive Channel Network (ECN), Europe’s leading workplace media communication specialist, enabling programmatic buying of their highly sought-after premium workplace inventory. ECN will leverage the Hivestack Supply-Side Platform (SSP) to give marketers access to their affluent workplace audiences in Germany and the UK.

Daniel Wunsch, Director of International Programmatic & Operations at ECN and Australian Media Channel told us “Having been at the forefront of programmatic DOOH innovation across Europe over the past few years, ECN is always looking to align themselves with innovative partners in order to drive the industry towards its true potential. We’re incredibly optimistic about our new relationship with Hivestack and the impact it will have on programmatic DOOH in the UK and German markets. Together, we look forward to delivering even more advanced, targeted, and measurable programmatic campaigns for brands and consumers.”

With more than 66 million impressions delivered each month and reaching business professionals in some of Europe’s most innovative companies in the finance, tech, media, property and legal sectors, ECN’s ad inventory will now be available to Hivestack buyers through private marketplace (PMP) deals and open exchange buys.

Andreas Soupliotis, Founder and CEO of Hivestack, said “We’re thrilled to partner with ECN to offer their high-quality workplace DOOH screens to our demand partners via our SSP. Office professionals are a highly-sought after demographic for brands and marketers, and our partnership with ECN will enable programmatic targeting of workplace communities and audiences in the UK and Germany.”

With the increase of people returning to work in the UK and Germany this autumn, ECN is already seeing increased audiences, awareness and engagement of their screens, which will continue through 2020.

ECN is undoubtedly Europe’s leading workplace media communication specialist. Their Digital Out of Home network reaches an affluent audience of European workplace professionals, 10+ hours daily, five days per week. Today’s workplace is a place where people research, spend and share brand experiences. ECN is the last opportunity to connect your brand with over 1.2 million workplace professionals in a unique environment of social influence.