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Media Release December 6, 2021


SYDNEY, 6 December 2021 – Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) office media specialist Executive Channel Holdings Pty Ltd (ECH) today announced the appointment of ClimatePartner to implement a carbon offset program as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

ECH is a world leading digital office media company with DOOH networks present in 16 cities, and spanning 4 countries – Australia, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Charles Parry-Okeden, Global CEO, Executive Channel Holdings commented;

“We are delighted to appoint ClimatePartner to work on this very important business initiative. The first phase of the process – to offset the carbon emissions of our digital networks globally – has already been completed. The second phase will offset the emissions of our entire organisation across all markets” Mr Parry-Okeden said.

Moritz Lehmkuhl, CEO and Founder, ClimatePartner added: “We are pleased to support a global company such as ECH in its climate action efforts. Offsetting unavoidable emissions through certified carbon offset projects is an important step. Together with strategies for reducing and avoiding emissions, this becomes a comprehensive package of measures for holistic climate action.”

ECH’s digital media portfolio focuses on global office audiences – Executive Channel Network (ECN), Media-i Australia, and Media-Eye France. The carbon emissions from each of these digital networks has now been completely offset by the Para project which is focused on forest conservation in the Amazon.

“Our clients expect their business partners to operate in a socially responsible manner, and ECH will support further initiatives as part of our broader CSR strategy,” Mr Parry-Okeden said.

ECH is experiencing strong demand from global partners for its managed digital content networks.

“Our property installation team is operating at full capacity with increasing requests to install our managed content into more offices. Our network is expanding rapidly and of course, our carbon offset program synchronises accordingly” said Mr Parry-Okeden.

ECH expects high demand for its digital platforms will continue into 2022, as audiences return to the office.


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